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Seattle Student gets $3 million in sexual lawsuit settlement

A lawsuit over sexual abuse allegations at Ballard High School is no longer heading to trial after the district agreed to pay the student $3 million.

Family Awarded $2.75 Million For Fatal Road Conditions

We represented the family of a loved one who was struck and killed by a motorist while walking along the shoulder of the road. The car’s driver had been unable to differentiate the road from the shoulder of the road because the fog line separating the road from the shoulder had been temporarily submerged in rainwater. At trial, the jury determined that the city should have designed the highway so rainwater would not accumulate in such a manner. Ultimately, our client’s estate was awarded $2.75 million.

$500,000 in Bicycle versus Bicycle Collision

While riding his bike along the bicycle path in Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle Washington, our client collided with an oncoming bicyclist, suffering multiple facial fractures and requiring extensive surgical repair. His medical bills were substantial and because of the severity of his injuries he was unable to get the identity of the other bicyclist at the scene. He hired us to help. We were able to track down the other bicyclist, but he and his insurance company denied responsibility. We hired an expert to investigate the accident, filed a lawsuit, and conducted discovery, including taking the defendant’s deposition to prove that the defendant was at fault. We were able to negotiate a settlement of $500,000 on our client’s behalf. This was the maximum amount recoverable under the other cyclist’s insurance policy.

Six-Figure Settlement in Auto versus Bicycle Collision

While our client was riding her bicycle through an intersection in Ballard, a Toyota Camry approached, failed to yield the right of way and hit our client, causing her multiple pelvic fractures. The cyclist contacted us to help her negotiate with the driver’s insurance company to pay her medical bills and the other damages she sustained as a result of the collision. The driver’s insurance company’s initially claimed that our client was partially at fault for causing the accident. Within two months, we negotiated a six-figure settlement–the maximum amount recoverable under the driver’s insurance policy.

Help Negotiating $120,000 Settlement For Accident Victim

Our client was rear-ended on a freeway, which led to a torn rotator cuff as well as back and neck injuries. We negotiated with the opposing party’s insurance company for a settlement of $120,000.

Trucking Accident Leads to $775,000 Settlement 


Our client was rear-ended by a semi-truck on a freeway which resulted in her suffering from a mild traumatic brain injury.  Despite clear liability, the national trucking company denied her claim, and tried to bully her into settling for a low ball offer.  We vigorously prosecuted her claims; and through our exhaustive efforts and steadfast resolve, we were able to force the defendant to settle the case for an amount that was acceptable to our client and on her terms.

Motorcycle Accident Leads to $1,000,000 Settlement 

Our client was seriously injured while riding his motorcycle when a government contractor driving a rental car negligently made a left turn in front of him.  The collision resulted in severe injuries to our client’s foot and ankle.  After fighting the government for years and declining their low ball offers we were able to obtain a million dollar settlement for him.   

Sexually Harassed Employee Receives $250,000

Our client came to us after being subjected to repeated and unwanted sexual comments and behavior in her workplace. One of only a few women working in a garbage collection facility, our client endured sexual comments and actions from her co-workers until she sought guidance from an employee assistance program about the harassing behaviors. She was thereafter terminated. Her employer maintained that she had violated the company’s attendance policy and that this justified her termination. We investigated her claim and determined that she was not, in fact, in violation of the company attendance policy and that her employer should be held accountable for the sexual harassment she suffered. We then negotiated a settlement with her former employer for $250,000.

More than $1,000,000 Settlement After Spinal Cord Injury

After falling at his home, our client was taken to a local emergency room for evaluation. The doctor who examined him failed to order certain tests that would have revealed that our client had suffered a spinal cord compression injury. Our client’s injury was not properly diagnosed for nearly three months following his accident, at which time he promptly underwent corrective surgery. Unfortunately, due to the delay in diagnosis, the surgery could not entirely correct the injury that had been untreated during that three-month period. As a result, our client suffered permanent disability and lost any chance of a full recovery. At the age of just 40, our client found himself, primarily confined to a wheelchair, no longer able to live independently and undergoing intensive physical therapy to re-learn basic motor functions, such as walking. A friend of the family suggested that we get involved. We thoroughly investigated the facts and circumstances of our client’s injury and how this injury and disability would impact him for the rest of his life. Our goal was to restore our client’s life, as closely as we could, back to its pre-injury status. With that goal in mind, we negotiated a confidential seven-figure settlement with the medical providers who treated our client.

Botched Laser Treatment Leads to Negotiated Settlement

Laser light therapy treatments were meant to improve our client’s psoriasis, a skin condition, which she had been successfully managing with medical treatment for years. The treatment was supposed to reduce inflammation and itchiness. Instead, negligent medical care, stemming from a poorly trained medical technician’s improper use of the laser, caused painful second-degree burns and scarring all over her body. Our client, an attractive woman, who had a career in sales and marketing was embarrassed and emotionally depressed by the incident and the resulting scars. She engaged our services to force the medical providers to be accountable for their mistake. We negotiated a substantial settlement, which fully covered our client’s medical expenses and paid for her pain and suffering.

Settlement Reached After Hotel Shower Burns Client

Our client was visiting the Seattle area on business, staying at an upscale nationally recognized hotel chain, when he was seriously injured by a defective shower that failed to properly control the water temperature. The defect led to our client’s body being sprayed with scalding-hot water; as a result, he suffered painful second degree burns on his chest, stomach, and arms. He was rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital for treatment. The client sought our assistance when the hotel refused to pay his medical bills and denied that the water was too hot; he needed to pay for the medical bills himself. After retaining our services, we consulted with an expert and were able to convince the hotel to compensate our client for his second-degree burns and medical expenses without filing a lawsuit.

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