Seattle student gets $3 million in sexual abuse lawsuit settlement

A lawsuit over sexual abuse allegations at Ballard High School is no longer heading to trial after the district agreed to pay the student $3 million.

Fatal Car Accidents: $6M Per

AAA has released the results of its latest study on the average cost of car accidents and the auto club reports that a fatal car accident costs, on average, $6 million.  This is sharply up from the average cost reported in 2005 of $3.24 million.  “The cost of crashing is exponentially so much more than we […]

NTSB Recommends Total Ban on Driver Cell Phone Use

The National Traffic Safety Board has issued a recommendation that all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices be banned in all cases, except to make emergency calls. The recommendation, unanimously agreed to by the five-member board, applies to both hands-free and hand-held phones and, as such, significantly exceeds any existing state […]

How Your Facebook Page Can Harm You

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  But the wrong picture or posting or update on your Facebook page could cost you a lot more than that if you’re not careful.  The insurance industry has added a new weapon to its arsenal of ways to deny claims of insureds and injured third parties. […]