Volvo’s Self-Braking Car Touring Washington State

In a new twist on car safety, automaker Volvo has introduced a new self-braking system called Collision Warning with Auto Brake (“CWAB”).  Introduced in the 2011 Volvo S-60, CWAB allows the car to stop itself at speeds up to 22mph and is hoped to cut down on the number of drivers who hit pedestrians because they are distracted.

Safety-driven Volvo has been developing collision warning systems for years. The company introduced a warning system with brake support in the S80 in 2006. It was based on radar technology. The CWAB system combines the use of radar technology with a forward-looking camera. The CWAB radar has a range of 150 meters; the camera’s range is 55 meters. When the radar and camera agree that a collision is imminent, the driver is warned with a red warning light that flashes on the heads-up display on the windshield. Actual braking is activated only if both systems agree that a crash is imminent and the driver doesn’t act on the warning signal.  The option will add about $2,100 to the price of the car, but the price of an accident avoided is immeasurable.

The S60 sporting the CWAB option is currently touring Washington state, allowing Western Washington Volvo dealers to show off this latest safety innovation.

As personal injury lawyers in Seattle, Dixon Law Firm has seen the devastation that can be caused when a driver is distracted and collides with a pedestrian or another vehicle in a rear-end collision. We applaud the efforts and innovation of safety-conscious manufacturers who commit resources to making us all safer on the streets.

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Brilliant system is creating by Collision warning systems. I think it’ll reduce road accident risk effectively and I’ll definitely buy a Volvo soon after it release. Thanks

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