Use this Checklist: Information and Documents to Collect for Your Lawyer After an Injury

We've written here before about what you should do immediately following an accident.  If you have now decided to get help from a lawyer to pursue your claim for damages, consider using this checklist as a helpful tool to prepare yourself for your first meeting.  Before you meet with your lawyer for the first time after you've been injured, it is important to collect any documents you have relating to your accident and injury and place them in a folder or large envelope. Here's a list of some of the documents and other pertinent information to take with you to your first meeting. 

____ Name and address of ambulance service
____ Name and address of the emergency room where you were initially taken
____ Dates you were admitted to the emergency room and the hospital
____ Names and business address of all doctors who have examined you
____ Names and addresses of chiropractors you have consulted
____ Names of all people who were involved in the accident
____ Names and addresses of witnesses to the accident
____ Dates you missed work because of the accident
____ Name and telephone number of each insurance adjustor you have talked to
____ List of people you have talked to about the accident or your injuries

____ Accident report
____ Copies of any written statements
____ Your automobile insurance policy if you were injured in a car accident along with the "declarations" page or "coverage certificate" that sets forth what kinds of coverage you have purchased and what the policy limits are
____ Your homeowner's or renter's policy, along with the declarations page or coverage certificate
____ Medical or disability insurance policy or coverage certificate
____ Other policies, including major medical, hospitalization, veterans insurance
____ All correspondence you have received from any insurer about the accident or your injuries
____ Medical bills
____ Receipts for things you have had to buy because of your injury
____ Receipts for things you have had to fix because of the accident

As Seattle personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys, we understand how overwhelming all the paperwork can be.  We also know, however, how essential proper documentation is to preparing and handling your case.  As such, the above list is a great reference for finding the documents you need before your first attorney meeting.  Once your attorney can review your records, he or she will have a better idea on how to assist you. 

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