State Bill to Make Rental Cars Safer

A law to ensure car rental companies fix recalled vehicles before renting them out has been suggested by federal lawmakers, but one state is making a move of the potentially lifesaving measure.

The California Assembly has passed the safety measure, 42 to 26, which would ban companies from renting or selling recalled vehicles.  Two California women, ages 24 and 20, died in 2004 car accident when they were driving a rental vehicle that had been recalled a month earlier.

Opponents of the bill, however, said the bill goes too far.

“If this bill related to life-threatening defects, recalls that are life threatening, that would make sense, if it were drafted to exclude windshield wipers, that would make sense,” said Assm. Charles Calderon, D-Montabello to news reports.

Proponents said that even proper working windshield wipers are necessary for safety.

The measure now goes onto the California state Senate.

There have been nearly 20 million auto recalls this year alone, according to ABC News, and nearly one in three cars on the roads have recalled parts or problems. As Seattle product defect and auto accident attorneys, we think it’s important that companies repair all known recalled vehicles before putting them on out the road.

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