Idaho Man Injured in Rental Truck Crash on I-5

An Idaho man was injured late Friday night after the rental truck he was driving crashed while trying to avoid a disabled vehicle on I-5 near Kent-Des Moines Road.

The Washington State Patrol says that the rental truck was heading south on I-5 at around 11:20 p.m. when it started to pull over to the right shoulder. But at the last moment, the truck’s driver saw that a 2005 Chevrolet Impala that was already on the shoulder with a flat tire.

The driver quickly tried to swerve to the left, but clipped the Impala on the rear. The truck then went across all of the southbound lanes, hit the jersey barrier, went over the barrier and ended up on its side on the northbound median.

The truck’s driver, a 58-year-old man from Kendrick, Idaho, was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment. The two people in the Impala were not injured.

As Seattle accident attorneys, we know that rentals trucks can be difficult to drive. For those who are not used to driving trucks, a truck rental vehicle is a bit of a challenge. Do not assume that because you possess a valid driver’s license or you are competent at driving a regular vehicle, that you can drive a truck rental. The larger the size of the moving truck rental, the more difficult it is going to be to manage.  The key to driving a rental truck is being cautious and knowing the truck’s attributes before starting out on your journey. Some of the key points to recognize when driving a larger truck are as follows:

Length of Rental Truck
• When making a turn, especially a right hand turn, take the length of the truck rental vehicle into consideration so you do not ride up on the curb. When making a left turn, judge yourself according with the truck rental vehicle so you stay in the road space and again do not overshoot the lane and end up on the curb.
• Watch for pedestrians as the length of the moving truck rental vehicle may prevent you from seeing people standing at the corner or close to the curb.

Blind Spots
• The rental vehicle will have blind spots in different places than your car. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust your mirrors before leaving the truck rental lot and also, make sure that you can see out of the mirrors.
• Be extremely careful of bicycles riding along side the moving truck rental vehicle to ensure that you do not side scrape them and knock the rider of his bike.

Height of the Rental Vehicle
• Indeed, some bridges are going to be a problem for a moving truck rental if the brides are low. All bridges have signs posted before the bridge in order to warn motorists about the maximum height of the bridge. Write down the height of the truck rental so you have it handy when you are driving.
• Another spot that is going to be problematic for rental trucks are parking garages. These garages usually have a long yellow bar to the entrance with the height marked on the bar in black. Take special note of the marked height, as you do not want to pay for damages both to the budget truck rental agency and the garage property owners.

Width of the Rental
• The lanes for drive-through windows for banking machines and food outlets may not be wide enough for bigger truck rental vehicles to pass. It would be prudent to leave the truck rental vehicle in the parking lot or on the street and go inside to conduct your business.

Need to Brake Sooner
• Many factors go into the successful braking of a vehicle. For example, the longer the vehicle, the more space you will need to brake and actually stop the truck rental vehicle.
• The weight of the truck rental is another factor to remember, as the weight will push the moving truck rental vehicle even farther forward careening into things in its path.
• No matter how well your belongings are stored in the cargo of the truck rental, braking hard will cause things to fall down and possibly smash up your possessions both inside and outside of boxes.
• If you are braking hard on a curve, it will be almost impossible to control the moving truck rental vehicle trying to brake and turn it at the same time.


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