I-5 Crash Caused by Man Running Across Freeway

A pedestrian running across Interstate 5 caused a spectacular crash that injured two and blocked the freeway for several hours Saturday morning, the Washington State Patrol reported.

State troopers responded to the scene, the northbound lanes of I-5 at Interstate 90, at about 1:30 a.m.

An investigation found that a man, identified as Thau Qual Le, 39, attempted to run across I-5 in an area where pedestrians are forbidden.

Le made it across two lanes when he was struck by a 1993 Honda Accord. The driver of the Honda, a 26-year-old Seattle man, attempted to swerve to avoid Le, but could not.

The impact sent Le flying clear of the roadway and caused the Honda to veer into the next lane - directly into the path of a U.S. Postal Service delivery semi truck.

The semi truck slammed into the Honda with such immense force that the car was completely demolished.

The pedestrian was rushed to Harborview Medical Center where he is listed in serious condition and expected to survive.

The driver of the Honda was also taken to Harborview and treated for very minor injuries.

The driver of the semi was not hurt.

As Seattle personal injury and auto accident attorneys, we are shocked that there were not more serious injuries in this case.  It is nothing short of a miracle that the driver of the Honda escaped with only minor injuries and that the man who attempted to run across the freeway was not fatally injured.  Dixon Law Firm wishes all those involved in this collision a full and speedy recovery. 


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