What to Tell Your Lawyer - A Helpful Guide

For clients that meet with their lawyer about their problems, the question about what to say to a lawyer can be a daunting one. This simple three step guide lays the foundation for the way to establish a successful attorney-client relationship.


1.  Be Candid

Your lawyer is effective about how to deal with the facts of your situation only if she or he knows everything. Be forthright about all the details - both good and bad - that are in play for your dispute. Your lawyer needs to know all the details to best assess the most plausible and effective way to proceed. Say everything you can and that you know concerning your situation. Nothing is more problematic than having to deal with surprises that could have been avoided if only all the facts had been laid out by the client for the lawyer in advance.

2.  Be Prepared

Spend some time creating a list of things you want to have accomplished before you meet with your lawyer. Share that with your lawyer so an agenda can be in place for your meeting. Do the preparation in advance to make your meeting time with your lawyer as effective and efficient as possible. In this way you can have a meaningful session with your lawyer and what you say to your lawyer becomes a natural extension of your preparation process.

 3.  Be Realistic

Once the course of action is formulated between you and your lawyer, be accepting of the fact that solutions take time. Lawyers practice law, not magic. Your problem did not come up over night and the solution to your problem won't happen over night either. While it is absolutely proper to set targets as goals to accomplish, it is wise to be realistic concerning the timing about when those target goals can be achieved. Tell your lawyer what you expect and then repeat back to your lawyer what you and he or she agree upon regarding the goals and timing to reach those goals.


DIXON LAW FIRM, PLLC is a personal injury law firm committed to the representation of victims who have been seriously injured. We hope that these tips will help our clients, as well as others seeking representation, have better, more open, communication with their attorney.  

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Your lawyer may structure his questions very carefully, so that you can give him needed information without eliminating possible lines of argument.  So listen to the exact wording of the question; answer it precisely; then stop.

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