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Truck vs. Bicycle Accident - Legal Representation With No Insurance
  Truck vs. Bicycle Accident - Legal Representation With No Insurance A few years ago I found myself in a...

Medical Malpractice Delayed Diagnosis of Broken Neck
  Medical Malpractice Delayed Diagnosis of Broken Neck Our disabled son was not given the treatment he needed...


When a loved one dies, it is one of the most traumatic moments imaginable. While nothing and no one can fully restore what you have lost, we can help families achieve justice for their loss. When innocent people lose their lives because of negligence, we expose that wrongdoing and make sure that the surviving victims are fully compensated. A wrongful death lawsuit can help you pay for outstanding medical bills and other expenses that can put an undue burden on your family during an already difficult time. We can help your family overcome the financial loss caused by the death of the family breadwinner of the caretaker of the children.

Whether your family member or loved one has been killed because of a
car accident, a pedestrian accident, a truck accident, a boating accident, a motorcycle accident a defective product, medical negligence, or a bicycle accidentwe have the practical knowledge stemming from years spent in the courtroom to help you. Dixon Law Firm has worked with dozens of experts, served countless residents throughout the King County area, and obtained millions of dollars for our clients.

While you focus on the emotional aspects of recovery, our attorneys will take care of the important details of your wrongful death case.  We will investigate the facts of the case and answer any questions you may have. We will diligently and compassionately represent you and pursue the results you deserve.

At Dixon Law Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to helping families recover full compensation for the loss of their loved one.  All of our legal services are handled on a contingency fee basis.  Fees are not charged for the initial consultation or subsequent work unless we recover money for your injuries or loss.  In the event we are unable to recover damages for your costs, you will not be charged for our time.  If your loved one has been a victim of wrongful death, or you simply need more information, please call us at (206) 330-0212.

Family Awarded $2.75 Million For Fatal Road Conditions

We represented the family of a loved one who was struck and killed by a motorist while walking along the shoulder of the road. The car's driver had been unable to differentiate the road from the shoulder of the road because the fog line separating the road from the shoulder had been temporarily submerged in rainwater. At trial, the jury determined that the city should have designed the highway so rainwater would not accumulate in such a manner. Ultimately, our client's estate was awarded $2.75 million.

When husbands, wives, siblings, and parents die because of other peoples’ mistakes, it often rips a hole in an entire family. Losing a loved one can sometimes result in loss of primary income, as well as benefits, which is why we are committed to helping families collect all the damages to which they are entitled.

If your loved one passed away because of someone else’s mistake, contact Dixon Law Firm for a FREE CASE REVIEW.

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